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I’m at Crown and Pearl right now, just watching love, and it’s making me so calm and happy.

Two people I barely know are slow dancing in a room where it’s only me and them. I’m perched on the DJ box looking down over the place I adore, and no one’s speaking. And I feel no need to speak. I don’t feel like I’m intruding, and they don’t seem to mind. I have the oddest desire to protect their moment, to eject anyone who enters so they won’t disturb their lovely time together while they dance amidst particles. (Don’t worry Prad and Bailey, I won’t eject anyone :p).

I love love, I love seeing people in love, and have always had the desire to match-make so I can see people in bliss together. I love romantic books and movies and cry at them without shame. Even when there’s no love in my life I still get a high from seeing other people experiencing it.

I don’t go in for big fancy romantic gestures and don’t enjoy watching them either, what matters is those little things: The look in the eye, the comfortable silences, the squeeze of the hand, the fluttering in the tummy and the heart.

So for me Valentine’s day is just about spending the day with the one you love, that’s what matters. No gifts, just them and me. This Valentine’s day my husband can’t be with me so I’m missing that, but at least I can go into a virtual world and see love and in that small way still feel happy and content. I hope you all find something wonderful for you today too, even if like me you have to make do for now with enjoying watching love ❤

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Until recently I was making sure that every night I alternated between posting a picture to Flickr, and writing a new post here – so that I was consistently contributing to both. Flickr’s right pissing me off lately because it’s removed almost every favourite I’ve ever had added to my pictures, which is an annoying glitch that I’ve asked them to fix. Even if it wasn’t pissing me off, I’ve just been too darn busy to keep up with the expectations I set myself.

Busy in a good way though – as I’ve already said in previous posts I’m back managing Crown & Pearl (which actually involves quite a bit of work – especially with the big auction tomorrow / today). I’m also working on a writing piece for a new SL magazine (which is even more work than managing Crown and Pearl right now). Plus when I get the chance I am trying to work on building a home to retreat to on some land I now have. And still everyday making sure I never forget my friends in IM and that I hang out with them at Crown and Pearl as well.

When I go to my home it’s to work quietly on things without external in-world disturbance – when I’m there I’m usually talking to people about work matters in IM, or working on writing things up in notecards. So colour me a tad annoyed when my neighbour (from waaaay down the beach), walks on to my precious plot of land, stands there staring at me, then IMs me to say hi. At which point I’m already confused – why walk all the way up to me, on my land, just so he can IM me..? He could have done that from his own plot of land. He mentioned a few inane things that I can’t recall – because they were inane – then pointed out his home to me. It was clear where it was all going so I politely but firmly said that when I’m at home it’s for some private time and I wouldn’t be coming round his home to see it. He took this quite well considering he’d gone out of his way to find and talk to me, and he wandered off to from whence he came. I’ve lived on five different sims in my life, and hadn’t met anyone before that day who thought going around uninvited to neighbours plots was the polite thing to do. I would have thought private living quarters were where you went to escape, not to socialise (unless you choose to live with other people there).

Anywho, not sure how I got onto that. I’m quite tired so chances are I’m forgetting to edit myself right now ^^

So that’s all really – just explaining why my posts and pictures have got a tad more sporadic of late – I’m appearing lazy because I’m busy 🙂

Oh yeah, and remember to come bid on me at the auction (Feb 8th, 1pm SLT at C2P / Angel Square). Else I’ll beat you up. Unless you like being beaten, in which case I’ll refuse to beat you up.

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Me standing at the entrance to Crown & Pearl

Me standing at the entrance to Crown & Pearl

A month ago – on the new year’s day as everyone else was celebrating the start of 2009, I was announcing to the owners of Crown & Pearl that I was standing down as manager of their bar. Now, a month later – a month full of new experiences, skills and jobs – I asked if I could have my job back and they said yes (thank you Prad and Bailey <3). Why I stood down doesn’t matter anymore, what does it that those reasons for leaving have been resolved. And it feels like coming home.

So many tiny little things that most people won’t notice: Having my staff tag back, having my powers back (though Lucien noticed that since I froze him a few times today – but he totally deserved it), the ability to invite people to join the group (always a buzz when they accept), my image going back up at the entry way, wearing my staff necklace again; just lots of little things that make me feel re-complete. Even while I was away Crown & Pearl had remained my set home point, it never stopped being my real home.

Crown & Pearl is like an existing entity for me – I was there when it was born, I’ve seen it flourish and I’ve seen it wane (and always inevitably flourish again), the good times, the bad times, even when I’ve “hated” it it was only because I cared so much that really I loved it. That might all sound a bit toss-pot-ish but I’m not sure how else to express it. There is no other place in Second Life which makes me feel that way.

I’m there everyday again, so if you ever want to track me down in person you know where to start looking. And if you want to understand what is so damn lovable about the place you can always check it out yourself http://slurl.com/secondlife/Crown%20and%20Pearl/115/123/26 . See you there ^^

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Everyone in SL tonight had such a huge array of issues that it was pretty much all people were talking about. It was so bad, it was funny. I’m going to share some of the funnies with you, all taken from the same group chat (names have been changed to protect the funny people). You’ll also get a feel from this as to just how bad it was (and still is as I write this):

[2:00]  Annoyed Person: great.. now search broke too
[2:01]  Agreeing Person: yep
[2:04]  Agreeing Person: I can’t tp anywhere
[2:04]  Other person: me either
[2:04]  Other Person: i get logged off when i type

[2:07]  Site Reporter: almost 3 hours later…  [1:15AM]  This is still being looked into.  For now, there is nothing new to report.
[2:08]  Fatality Noticer: and got this Fatal error: Uncaught [InternalErrorException] mysql_connect(): Lost connection to MySQL server during query thrown in /local/www/search.secondlife.com/lib/Init.php on line 90
[2:09]  Hair Loser: great lol i can’t attach my hair!
[2:09]  Bald Lover: all bald!! yeahhh
[2:10]  Hair Loser: one of my boots is silver and the other is black lmaooo
[2:10]  Redgrave Seeker: Hi could someone please give me an LM for Redgrave.  Search is all gibbled.  Thank you.
[2:10]  Site Reporter: yeah, they say to refrain from rezzing/derezzing no copy items so if your hair is no copy SL just might have you pulling your hair out today
[2:11]  Lost Soul: Does anyone have “Loading…” amount of L$? :-/
[2:11]  foehn Breed: I have no profile
[2:11]  Fatality Noticer: im just going to stay still

[2:11]  Worried Resident: I don’t want to stay home my pervy neighbor is home!
[2:11]  Laughing Person: lol
[2:12]  Helpful Person: ohhhh
[2:12]  Another Laugher: hehe
[2:12]  Helpful Person: have a party with him /her!!
[2:12]  Helpful Person: better than be stucked in the middle of nowhere as me
[2:12]  Worried Resident: …they don’t speak engli …hey no! yuK
[2:12]  Helpful Person: use hands language
[2:12]  Helpful Person: hahaha
[2:12]  Hiraani Heartsdale: lol
[2:12]  Worried Resident bites your desk
[2:13]  Worried Resident: =p
[2:13]  Helpful Person: or little flags
[2:13]  Extrahelpful Person: shame tp is buggered…we could all come to your house and scare the crap out of your neighbour lol

[2:15]  Clicker Person: *clickity click click …click …*
[2:16]  Question Guy: helps that Clicker Person??
[2:16]  Stuck Person: omg i am stuck here lol
[2:16]  Clicker Person: …no, nothing is working 😕
[2:16]  Argh Person: aaaarrgh
[2:16]  Grr person: grrrrrrrrr
[2:16]  Grr Person: nothing
[2:17]  Helpful Individual starts printing flyers for a “Stand around and do nothing protest” lol

And so it goes, for ages, and is still going. Gotta love night like these. Hopefully by the time all you Northern Hemisphere people wake up it’s behaving better 😀

Oh, and just to end on a high note, I’m about to log out and I notice this lovely sentence:

[2:49] Random Person: i dont think a B is comming but theres a dog in a car here

What more can I say? I love SL ^^

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Lucky ChairingI’m writing this while flicking back and forth from a store which has four lucky chairs, each set to re-choose a letter every 20 or 30 minutes. And I am neck-deep in the complexities of Lucky Chair thoughts. I’m not kidding, this stuff is full of politics, politeness and preferences.

It started properly yesterday when I visited a store to buy some hair, and ended up watching the three lucky chairs there which were on five minute rotations. I eventually won everything those chairs had in them – three sets of hair and a “model set” which included skin, shape, eyes and hair. We’re not talking junk either. Before that store I had been hair shopping at another place which also incidentally had a lucky chair, where I won these cool sock thingies which are hard to explain but also good quality. The place I’m currently at I’ve already won two sets of what look like quite high quality silks, with scripts built in o.O

A perfect example of Lucky Chair politics just cropped up as I flicked back in-world: Someone who dared to have a name beginning with L walked into range of the chair I’m counting down besides. I’ve been camped out here for ages and my first thought is “oh no you don’t little missy, just keep walking, any L that comes up is MINE.” She’s just standing there beside me staring at the same two lucky grab things that I am and I’m thinking, what the hell is going through her mind? Are we going to have a who-clicks-fastest-race if L comes up or will she do the polite thing and let me take it since I was here first? Or is the polite thing for me to step aside and let her take any L prize because I’ve already won some items here today? And she’s got bling. I mean seriously, that’s how catty I’m getting here “back off bling bish, that chair is mine”. (No I didn’t say that out loud, but I thought it damnit). Sheesh. The shame of it. Standing in one place for 20 minutes watching a chair can make you a bit loopy though.

There’s also an odd feeling of camaraderie though if there’s lots of you in the room all with different letters starting your name, this sort of “we’re all in this together” buzz as you watch out for each other and speed along the letters ticking over while everyone gets happy things.

So here’s the thing – I’m not an official addict. The official addicts belong to Lucky Chair groups and listen to group chatter about what’s available where. I do IM my friends if there’s an item available that I think they might like, and I do get IMs from other people doing the same. If you can rez fast enough once you arrive, you can usually pick up something worth the bother. And yes, I too thought about joining the Lucky Chair group… but which one? There are heaps of these things – some stores (like this one) have a group solely set up for the lucky chair addicts (to keep them out of chatting on the main group it appears). Other groups just exist for Lucky Chair addicts enmass.

It appears that Lucky Chairs have a few useful functions for the store owners: They increase traffic, particularly because most (maybe all?) prizes are no transfer so I’d be silly to stand there and hog all the letter L prizes if they were the same thing over and over, and I’d be smart to bring in friends to take prizes to help the letters tick over to an L faster. Yes, you don’t need to ask, I did contemplate bringing in my alts to tick the letters over at one stage, but the chairs tick over and people come and go faster than I’d be able to log them in, plus no transfer, so you see, I have to be nice to people don’t I. Just not people whose names start with L. Oh and while you’re standing around waiting on your letter you get bored and check out the rest of the store and inevitably contemplate just buying what you want. Me, I get a small case of the guilts and tend to buy something from the store to show my appreciation for the free goodies regardless.

Brief interruption; I just caught myself saying this to a friend over IM in world: “My name does not begin with any of these letters. I KEEL THE CHAIRS”. They no longer believe I am not an addict. I believe my frenzy can be read in multiple ways… I just can’t think of any alternatives right now is all. Ooooh, and there’s this prize pyramid thing here with five tiers also based on letters, bought to me by the makers of Lucky Chairs…

*hangs head in utter despair*

Ah well, a little bit of addiction and running round after letters, getting excited each time a L pops up, is really a small price to pay for a lot of high quality goodies. At least that’s what I tell myself. And it’s not as bad as “camping” right..? Right? Stop looking at me that way >.<


Edit: At the time of publishing this I have now won four different sets of silks from this place and I’ve now joined the Lucky Chair Stalker Group. My initiation, is complete.

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Dancing on BD's chim at Crown & Pearl

Dancing on BD's chim at Crown & Pearl

I have a very vivid memory of being given a free chimera (“chim”) at a Second Life club one night. Maybe it stuck in my mind because the club had railway tracks running straight through it with regular train crashes, which was very disconcerting the first time it happened! But the stronger aspect that stuck with me that night was some girl I’d just made friends with dancing on a table, trying to explain to me how I could sync up with her movements. The next day I was asking around another pub – Three Lions – if anyone perhaps had some dances I could drop in my chim. I was given quite a few dances by helpful people, but the one that sticks in my mind was MJ Massey dropping something called “caramel” on me, which became my favourite dance for quite a while after that.

Basically, a chim is something you can attach to yourself which holds a sequence of dances, and you can invite other people to touch it to join in the same dance sequence as you – to sync with you. The word typically used is chim as in chimera but the best I can figure by my in-world experiences, that is just a brand name for the bigger concept. I have an attachable dance machine which does the same thing under a different name. In my Second Life I’ve had three of these chim things, and every single one has broken after a while – becoming unreliable or completely un-usable. I don’t know why, I’m a tech-phobe so it’s not something I’ve tried to figure out. I still love being invited to other people’s chims though, in fact it’s way up there as one of the best parts of Second Life for me. Let me use today as an example of why.

My close friend Bailey Dazy (BD) was doing a DJ set at Crown & Pearl – a Second Life bar that I go to everyday. She was dancing and her sets make me want to do the same so I smacked her arse (um, clicked her virtual bottom which is where she attaches the chim) and synced up with her. As more people arrived they also joined in and over time there became a group of about nine of us at its peak. Now dancing in sync in-world is really a lot more fun that it sounds. It probably sounds a bit pointless and cheesy to people who haven’t been in Second Life but it’s a rush: If you can get a group of individuals from across the world to gather in a group, and all decide to do join the chim, who are clever enough to get themselves facing the same way as everybody else already dancing on the chim, it looks damn cool. What was even better today was BD was neko (part cat) so I decided to go neko too – chucking on some ears and a tail, and everyone who joined us on the chim was either already neko or became neko to retain the look – our tails swishing around as we danced in time. We were also all females (most of the time) – even Lucien who is a male in real life and uses a male avatar, went off and chucked on a  female avatar with the neko set up before joining us, now that’s dedication. Phineas and Corben joined in at one stage – both guys who weren’t nekos, but we forgive them for ruining the perfection of our dance troupe :p

Days like today – all dancing on the chim – remind me of the good old days of large groups of friends hanging out at Three Lions. One of my favourite Three Lions memories was the “dance-off”: I had a bunch of people on my chim and someone else came along and started their own chim group. We lined up across from each other and had a Second Life version of a dance-off. It was hilarious, though admittedly the hilarity was more due to the chatter about me being the High Priestess of the Cult of Jaco. The chim dance-off though fed the atmosphere and became a topic in itself of course. That was also the day I became good friends with TheManKnownAsDaveP, who joined my chim. I’ve met some very interesting and memorable people through being on the same chim as them, and he was one of them. The stories I could tell that rotate around chims are numerous but some of those will have to be for another day.

So today was another good day, full of chimy goodness and reliving some old memories. The aesthetics of watching the chim, added to by the joy of listening to BD DJ nine Britney songs in a row at one point just to annoy her partner MJ, made for one of those days that remind me why I love the uniqueness of Second Life. It wouldn’t have been as excellent as it was if BD’s chim wasn’t such an awesome one too – this girl has great taste in everything: Clothes, music, dances. So I have to end on a big “Yay BD!” 🙂

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Me relaxing on my bed at my SL home 🙂

For the first time in Second Life I have a home of my own. Mow is letting me stay on his sim until the end of the month. If at the end of the month I am totally in love of the concept of my own place still (because I definitely am right now), I will start a search for another place to live.

Tonight I got lost in the joy of building. I had to try to make my own furniture because nothing I had was what I wanted. Ultimately I decided to go with pre-made freebie furniture that I could edit to suit my needs, but I intend to keep building there and learn through trial and error in the privacy of my own place. I’m personalising the walls with my own art as suits at this point as well, which feels great and instantly makes it feel like a home to me.

The building itself is premade and there is a prim limit but the privacy and freedom within those walls is what I need the most. I’ve already had one intruder but he left after a bit of an explanation that he was in someone’s home, so that was fine. Plus I have a security orb anyway ^^

So if you happen to have any high quality freebies, especially of the furniture and texture variety, feel free to drop them on me in-world. I will be making a fair few things from scratch but it will be nice having somewhere quality to sit while I rest between projects as well 🙂

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