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Another special art thing I want to share. It’s a long list of photos but they are very clever, some of them are simply magical. Enjoy 🙂

Kudos again go to Stoo for showing me this link 🙂

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Urban Art Camouflage

Another fun little link to some awesome art – this time to “urban art camouflage“. The third one from the bottom – the woman wrapped up in words – particularly touched me, but the rest is very clever and well-done too 🙂

(Thank you to Stoo for the link.)

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I discuss art quite a bit on my blog, artistic expression and products interest me greatly. Very rarely do you come across a new form of artistic expression, which is why this 5 minute video from a local breakfast program today caught my eye. It’s of Adam Saaks cutting up a t-shirt. Aha. After seeing that piece I did a wee search on YouTube and found another shorter clip which is a bit more glitsy for those of you with short attention spans. Oh, and it’s more than a little sexy too 🙂

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As Michael Jackson returns to the spotlight, so does that old controversy: Does it matter who creates the art, or is the art an independent entity that should be judged purely on its own merits? I think the answer comes in two parts.

The first part is recognition that great art can come from horrific people, and to deny it is great art is to distort the process of assessing art and is quite deceitful. It would be artificial to insist on seeing a biography of the artist before passing judgement on the art itself. There is no doubt that how much you enjoy or appreciate a piece can be effected by your opinion of its maker, but it’s far more common to hear people say “that’s amazing despite the person who made it” than “that would have been amazing but for the person who made it”.

However this distinction between supporting the art and supporting the artist appears to weaken or arguably break-down when it comes to them profiting from it: It is one thing to acknowledge something is great art despite the artist, it is another to buy it and thereby provide income to someone you think is a bad person.

I don’t expect these two intuitions to be the same as everyone else’s; I can easily conceive of reasons that people diverge from them. For example it could be argued that the first part of the separation of the art’s value from the artist who made it is ignoring some important ideas that art is always part of or an expression of the person who made it. The second part of my stance can also be attacked, and perhaps more convincingly than the first because is arguably goes against the recognition of the inherent value of art independent of the artist.

I am not unwavering in my dedication to this two part approach to the relationship between art and the artist, and I would be quite interested in hearing what you think of my approach, and how you view the issue yourself.

[And, to all you Michael Jackson fans who jump to defend him at the slightest hint of impropriety, this post does not assume he is guilty or innocent, it is just the recent catalyst which got me thinking about my stance on the issue.]

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I’ve left Second Life, for most intents and purposes. I’ll be on quite a few times over the next week while I say goodbye to various people and tie off some loose ends, but after that I will only be on now and then, and only to do art – both for myself and for anyone else who wants me to do it too. I will be as good as emptying out my friends list and groups – retaining only a very few contacts [edit: I ended up deciding to take everyone off] and groups that relate to my art needs. I have also quit all in-world jobs not directly related to my art. So only the artist is left 🙂

The reasons for leaving are mostly positive ones, and mostly to do with real life. I have a busy year ahead of me in pretty much every aspect of my life. On top of the usual madness I want to learn some new skills which I’ve put off for far too long. So I’m refocusing my time and efforts into real life, and the thing which needs to stand aside to give me the time to do that, is Second Life. This also means of course that this blog will grind to a hold because there won’t be new Second Life experiences to write about. So to those of you who have read and enjoyed my blog, I appreciate it and thank you ^^

And to those of you who have become close friends in Second Life, I hope our friendships will continue despite me leaving. I also hope to meet a good number of you in real life some day, that would be very high on the awesome scale.

So I’m not sure if this is my last post here – the same way I have some loose ends to tie up in Second Life I may have a few topics left in me yet. I don’t mind though if you want to take me off your blog rolls, no offence taken 🙂

Good luck to all of you, in whatever you choose to do in both worlds ❤

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Art has all sorts of inspirations – music, emotions, people, scenery – there is no limit to what might inspire you to do that next masterpiece. I often state who or what has inspired my Second Life art. One of the lesser known inspirations for my art comes from a passion my husband has – Magic The Gathering cards. They are “collectable” cards that are used to play a game, it has tournaments with rewards and it’s an international phenomenon – chances are you’ve heard of it. What you might not have noticed though is the amazing artwork on some of these cards.

A recent example got my imagination fired up, a newly released card called “Progenitus“. There is so much I love about the art on this card. It’s ominous subtleties directed inspired this recent picture I shot in Second Life. Don’t ask me to explain what the card’s ability means, I don’t know – that’s fancy pants stuff for great men like my husband. But I love the quote on the card that goes with the picture: “The Soul of the World has returned”. *breathes* I love that! There is a lot to be said for the words that are presented with art: One of my friends, Prad Prathivi, has a real knack for finding the right words to enhance a piece of art, it really makes a huge difference and can take art to the next level.

One of the special aspects of these Magic the Gathering cards is that they need to match the feel and story of the card’s ability (and reading about what would go visually wrong when they didn’t is amusing). I often try to convey a story or a message in my art pieces so this strongly appeals to me. Once you get into an appreciation of the artists who’s talents go into these cards you start discovering their other work too, like this by Jaime Jones who did the card art I showed you above. Tell me you don’t think that’s some amazing work, and this guy is only 22!

I’m considering starting my own collection of this amazing card art because they get my creative juices flowing every time. Thankfully the house is full of literally thousands of the things because of my husband’s existing passion for their game aspect, I’m sure he won’t mind if I take one of his $1000 valued rare cards (I’m not kidding, some are really worth that much o.O) and add it to my collection of pretties…

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My latest picture for The Gallery of Light

My latest picture for The Gallery of Light

The latest Gallery of Light theme is Beginnings. What I like to do when I’m given the new theme every couple of weeks is to sit down and brain-storm a list of images and ideas that come to mind. Then I decide which ones I’m most interested in. Finally I narrow it down by which ones I can actually pull off within Second Life; I try to keep if from Second Life as purely as possible (without any major use of brushes or stock images) for my entries to the Gallery because by presenting it there I am saying the work is my own – there is no description underneath telling people where anything was sourced from.

Lots of things came to mind for “beginnings” but the one that caught my imagination and was easier to do in Second Life was story-book / fairy-tale beginnings. I love dressing up in fancy ball dresses, and had a perfect castle in mind, so I did the classic princess shot, “Once Upon a Time”. She can either be trapped in the tower looking wistfully down for a saviour, or pinning about her loneliness, wishing for adventure, etc. To me she is thinking about how dull and meaningless her everyday life is even though she’s a princess, and unaware of the excitement that is about to unfold.

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