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I’ve already done posts in the past mentioning my appreciation and love for various friends, in particular I’ve talked about Simmi, Stoo, Hell, Dell, Clarissa, Jonny, Rrish, Bails, DavidT, Crow and Kimber. Those people know already how much they mean to me (I hope). So I need to mention a few more that come up as I sit here clearing out my friend’s list:

BD. I consider you a real life friend as much as a Second Life one, and I hope to keep you around forever more. You’ve felt like a sister at times, I just feel so comfortable around you, and I know you care for me as much as I do for you. I will miss your DJ sets, I used to look forward to them so much. Besides that we didn’t really talk in world anymore anyway, more so in msn, so I hope that part continues.

JayJay. There are no words that will do you justice. You are an incredibly funny and laid-back person, with a huge heart. We don’t talk much anymore, particularly not in-world, but you have me on msn, and I’ll always be happy to hear from you. Love ya loads ❤

Marisa. You have such a good heart, and have always reached out to help me even when I didn’t realise how much I needed that help. I still need you very much, and want to keep you round if that’s OK by you ^^ Again, I have you on msn and I’m very glad I do, I only hope I can be of much help to you as you have to me. You’re a very special woman, with a fighting spirit, that is inspirational.

Lucien. Though we only became friends more recently, you were one of the people who made me think SL still had something interesting to offer, and something worth sticking around for. I think we would have become close friends over time. Thank you for helping make the past month and a bit that much more entertaining.

Dark. One of my oldest dearest friends. So funny, so damn cynical (but with good cause). I could always depend on you for a laugh and decent company. Thank you for your kind ear whenever I needed it most.

Nito. You toss-pot. You weren’t around as often as I wanted and needed you to be, but whenever you were I always enjoyed your company. Your wit, your intelligence, just you. You have my email. Use it :p

Clare. You sweet thing. You amazing, knowledgeable, insightful little wonder. You have given me so much hope and help in areas of my life that needed it so very much. Thankfully I know I still have you on msn, I couldn’t do without you hon. You mean a lot to me.

Jennaa and Mig. Thank you both of you for your company, your humour, your friendship, these past months. I know you’re together in RL right now and I think that’s so incredibly amazing. All the best to you both ❤

Vine. You funny wee poppet. I’m so going to miss your sense of humour and your light-heartedness. You have such a special unique nature, only wish I spent more time getting to know you better, but like so many amazing and awesome people from my SL, you’re not around much anymore. I’d love to add you to my msn or skype if you use it, you’re too precious to let drift away.

Simon. You are awesomeness in the flesh. I love you for being you. There is just nothing I could ever, would ever, change about you. I wish you the best in everything you do hon, you’re going to get to the top of whatever you set your mind to. Again, you’re hardly in SL at all anymore, but I’ve got you on msn so yay me. Simply adore ya.

Ducati. What can I say about you. You’ve got so much heart, you’re so sweet under all that kinky humour. I wish we were as close now as we once were. But even now I know how much you care and that you’re a real friend. Take care hon, and you know where to find me.

I’m sure I’ve left some major players out but that’s as much as I can manage for now. There is one more person at the very least who needs a whole post to himself and will get one after I talk to him to let him know I’ve left his bar again, but this time for good. I know, I suck, but at least it’s the last time I’ll suck in that way.

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Dancing on BD's chim at Crown & Pearl

Dancing on BD's chim at Crown & Pearl

I have a very vivid memory of being given a free chimera (“chim”) at a Second Life club one night. Maybe it stuck in my mind because the club had railway tracks running straight through it with regular train crashes, which was very disconcerting the first time it happened! But the stronger aspect that stuck with me that night was some girl I’d just made friends with dancing on a table, trying to explain to me how I could sync up with her movements. The next day I was asking around another pub – Three Lions – if anyone perhaps had some dances I could drop in my chim. I was given quite a few dances by helpful people, but the one that sticks in my mind was MJ Massey dropping something called “caramel” on me, which became my favourite dance for quite a while after that.

Basically, a chim is something you can attach to yourself which holds a sequence of dances, and you can invite other people to touch it to join in the same dance sequence as you – to sync with you. The word typically used is chim as in chimera but the best I can figure by my in-world experiences, that is just a brand name for the bigger concept. I have an attachable dance machine which does the same thing under a different name. In my Second Life I’ve had three of these chim things, and every single one has broken after a while – becoming unreliable or completely un-usable. I don’t know why, I’m a tech-phobe so it’s not something I’ve tried to figure out. I still love being invited to other people’s chims though, in fact it’s way up there as one of the best parts of Second Life for me. Let me use today as an example of why.

My close friend Bailey Dazy (BD) was doing a DJ set at Crown & Pearl – a Second Life bar that I go to everyday. She was dancing and her sets make me want to do the same so I smacked her arse (um, clicked her virtual bottom which is where she attaches the chim) and synced up with her. As more people arrived they also joined in and over time there became a group of about nine of us at its peak. Now dancing in sync in-world is really a lot more fun that it sounds. It probably sounds a bit pointless and cheesy to people who haven’t been in Second Life but it’s a rush: If you can get a group of individuals from across the world to gather in a group, and all decide to do join the chim, who are clever enough to get themselves facing the same way as everybody else already dancing on the chim, it looks damn cool. What was even better today was BD was neko (part cat) so I decided to go neko too – chucking on some ears and a tail, and everyone who joined us on the chim was either already neko or became neko to retain the look – our tails swishing around as we danced in time. We were also all females (most of the time) – even Lucien who is a male in real life and uses a male avatar, went off and chucked on a  female avatar with the neko set up before joining us, now that’s dedication. Phineas and Corben joined in at one stage – both guys who weren’t nekos, but we forgive them for ruining the perfection of our dance troupe :p

Days like today – all dancing on the chim – remind me of the good old days of large groups of friends hanging out at Three Lions. One of my favourite Three Lions memories was the “dance-off”: I had a bunch of people on my chim and someone else came along and started their own chim group. We lined up across from each other and had a Second Life version of a dance-off. It was hilarious, though admittedly the hilarity was more due to the chatter about me being the High Priestess of the Cult of Jaco. The chim dance-off though fed the atmosphere and became a topic in itself of course. That was also the day I became good friends with TheManKnownAsDaveP, who joined my chim. I’ve met some very interesting and memorable people through being on the same chim as them, and he was one of them. The stories I could tell that rotate around chims are numerous but some of those will have to be for another day.

So today was another good day, full of chimy goodness and reliving some old memories. The aesthetics of watching the chim, added to by the joy of listening to BD DJ nine Britney songs in a row at one point just to annoy her partner MJ, made for one of those days that remind me why I love the uniqueness of Second Life. It wouldn’t have been as excellent as it was if BD’s chim wasn’t such an awesome one too – this girl has great taste in everything: Clothes, music, dances. So I have to end on a big “Yay BD!” 🙂

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One of the pictures I'm planning to include in the gallery

One of the pictures I'm planning to include in the gallery

The event I have been working so hard towards, and taking so many pictures for, happens tomorrow – Saturday December 13th at 1pm SLT.

Twilight Gallery will be opening for the last time, with 6 new artists. And I get to be one of those lucky last 6 to have the honour to show their work here.

My work will be shown at the Raise Exhibit Hall, which spirals up 4 floors. The bottom floor has 8 pictures, the next 3 floors have space for 4 picture each, a total of 20. Some of the work I’ve put up is old classics, some is from the new set I’ve been working so frantically on these past 2 weeks. I’ve made somewhat of an effort to present the darker pieces at the bottom and the lighter “sun-reaching” ones on the top. I feel a sense of this progression as I climb the spiralling stairs and I hope you get a feel of it too 🙂

There will also be a special exhibition with work from all previous and current Twilight Artists, including a picture from me which has remained unpublished so far.

The night itself will have DJs and even a speech by Belmakor Pintens, see the full details here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/belmakorpintens/3101362227/

My previous SL art recognition includes winning 2 art contests, coming second in one, getting honorable mention in 2, being included in the artists at 2nd Magazine’s SL5B exhibit, and on-going contributing artist at Gallery of Light. Being invited to take part in Twilight Gallery is a huge highlight for me.

It would mean a lot to have my friends and admirers of my art along on the day, even if you can’t make it though please do pop along at some stage over the next couple of weeks to see the gallery and my work. I poured my heart, my time, and my sanity into this project, and it would be nice to have some people come along to see the outcome 🙂

I couldn’t end this post without the various thank yous to individuals who helped me reach this point: My ever-present models and friends, Bailey Longcloth, Bailey Dazy and Rrishanna Regina; the people who supported me through my self-doubt, including Clare Loring and Natalya Homewood; and the biggest thank you of all to Prad Prathivi. Prad gifted me the Flickr account I use to present my work, granted me access to his studio in my early days to refine my skills, gave me the pose ball script I use in almost every picture these days, and inspired me in the first place to start taking and presenting SL pictures; he is effectively my mentor. Thank you to everyone else too who put up with my slightly stressed out state over the past two weeks, I appreciate the support and understanding of you all.

See you Saturday 🙂

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