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Replace this picture for me!

Replace this picture for me!

Ok, I promised a photo contest, and here it is:

Theme: Design us a new Club Picture for the Haven’t Had Sex with Prad Club. The picture can just be of Prad being Prad, or humourous (along the lines of a warning notice if you like), pretty much whatever you like, as long as it somewhat relates to the Club. Get creative! No limit on use of post-processing techniques, just remember to properly attribute and get permission for anyone’s art you use 🙂

Rules: You must be a member of the SL Group “Haven’t had Sex with Prad Club” to participate (and to win). Membership is free, sign up yourself or I can invite you if you like, just IM me in world.
If you require pictures of Prad to play with and don’t already have some on your own stream you can mangle, you have my permission to use the two most recently posted to my Flickr stream http://www.flickr.com/photos/23347879@N07/ – the head shot and body shot. Prad’s really busy as usual (having sex probably), so please don’t pester him for a photo shoot for this, however randomly snapping him as he floats around Crown or where-ever is free game.
Contest starts now and ends 2 weeks from now (Friday 7th November) at 1PM SLT.
All pictures must be submitted to this group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/885716@N24/

Maximum of 2 pictures per person – so you can do a serious and a humourous style one if you like ^^
Judges: Myself and Prad, so getting too offensive isn’t going to make you win :p. Please do refrain from getting nasty at poor Prad, any cruel or excessively distasteful pictures will be removed from the group.

This is mostly for fun so the prizes are somewhat tokenistic, just a small something for participating.
1st prize: $200L and your picture used as the Club Insignia.
2nd Prize: $100L
3rd Prize: $50L

Any questions, just let me know.

Enjoy! 😀

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Club Picture, for now...

Club Picture, for now...

I mentioned off-hand in Crown and Pearl today that I should start a “Haven’t Had Sex with Prad” club. I said it on a whim but somewhere along the way I ended up telling Prad to dare me to do it. He did. So I did. And here we are 😀

The rules are simple: If you have not had sex with Prad, you’re welcome to join the club. No fee, and no need for a special invite from me – having said that just IM me in world and I will happily extend you an invite.

Now we at The Club realise that sometimes people make errors in judgment or get drugged by Prad, and accidentally have sex with him. Though we feel sad when this happens, we will not be ejecting you from the group for making such an error. Rather, if this happens to you, just let me know and I’ll add you to the role of “Fallen from Grace” which will open a new tag title for you. That’s how much we care ❤

Be aware that if you do NOT join the group you are publically announcing that you have already had sex with Prad. We know that many men and a few women will fall into this category. It will be interesting to see just how extensive the numbers are though.

One last point for now: I will at some point be running a photo competition to replace the picture you see above as the current picture for the group, details are still being figured out, will keep you posted! 🙂

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