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I’ve mentioned before in my blog, the copyright law that was meant to come into force in my home country, and the relevance it had for international copyright protection efforts. Just as a brief reminder – the law was supposedly going to make it harder for people to breach copyright, but in the process it went against some fundamental justice principles (like innocent til proven guilty) and made parties like ISPs effectively responsible for something they shouldn’t have been responsible for. The “black-out” campaign bought international attention to the issue and the consequences it might have for the future of copyright law and internet use.

So I am pleased to be able to provide this link to the latest news that the offending section has been removed. I will watch what replaces it and continue putting up any relevant and interesting updates.

Thank you to everyone who supported the black-out campaign 🙂

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blacked-outThis post is directly related to the one below it, but going a step further to try to raise awareness of the wider implications of this badly constructed law which effects New Zealander’s at this point in time, but could easily become a wider adopted policy that could hurt you directly too. Please help us. Join us in the Black-Out, save the Internet. Click the links below. Thanks.

The Black-Out Campaign

The Lights are going out all over Twitter


Edit: Most recent news item about the protest and the offending Bill: “Copyright Protesters say Law ‘Stripping Rights'”

Cartoon: Pirating the Justice Sytem

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I’ve only recently come across a blog entry about a law that is meant to come into force here very soon – one that makes ISPs cut off Internet access once a customer has infringed copyright more than once, via their Internet service. It’s seen as a highly controversial move, mostly turning on the issue of proof of the infringement. The infringements (as the Bill currently stands) do not have to be proven in a court of law.

This is just one more effort to counter the intellectual property issues plaguing the Internet – the sort of issues that Second Life residents face every day. In my personal opinion this is a misguided approach to the issue that causes more problems than it will solve. A previous blog post of mine talked about the bad laws that often get implemented to try to cover new technology, and I think here we have a prime example of that typically haphazard and unprincipled approach. Part of the extended debate on this particular issue is whether other countries will follow our “bold lead”… one can only hope not.

This is an issue I intend to return to in more depth soon since the law is due to come into force at the end of this month, I will keep an eye on it’s progress and reception. I will also take a more in-depth look at the rest of the Act since it is entirely about “New Technologies” and copyright. If you’d like to have a look at the original Government press release about the Act, you’ll find it here.

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Yesterday I happened upon a story on a local news site promoting a new book that warns people about meeting up with dates met online. Typical story, fine, you hear it all the time and we’re used to these warnings, it’s not really news. But today I found this: “Armed Police Raid Ends Internet Romance“. Now that was news. But they left the best bits out – like what was so dangerous about him and why were the police involved so quickly? We’re not just talking police here either, we’re talking our “armed offender’s squad” (which is New Zealand code for “men with guns and the right to use them”). Even without all the details (which I really want to know), the story is quite scary.

After reading that story I would recommend anyone planning to meet someone they found on the internet, to have a friend or family member with them, and of course meet somewhere public (though meeting somewhere public didn’t protect this woman) – such a simple but vital precaution to take. It’s not always a cheap or easy option – taking someone along with you – but what price can you put on your personal safety? Never forget that the internet makes it very easy for people to hide their true identity, and that there are some sickos out there. I’m suitably disturbed that that particular sicko was from my home country, but hey, even paradise has a few flaws. And if somewhere as safe and open as New Zealand harbours that sort of scum, god know every other country does too.

Just be careful, OK? Thank you ^^


Edit: Here is a follow-up news item with a lot more detail about what happened *shudders*

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I better first (very briefly) explain that title: Both the Tui and the Kiwi are birds that are native to New Zealand. “Kiwi” is also slang for a New Zealander. Soooo, you’re about to hear a Tui with a Kiwi accent :p

The Tui usually has a very unique and beautiful song, I love Tui, but I didn’t realise they could talk too! When I first saw this on the National News I couldn’t believe it, and thought it was awesome. So I wanted to share it ^^

Woof Woof the Talking Tui

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Beached As Bro

In NZ we currently seem to have decided the clip I’m about to show you is a local cult classic. It’s everywhere – I see t-shirts with it on in the main clothing stores and I saw it embedded in my students assignments too! O.O

It’s a clip that takes the shit out of how us NZers talk to each other and our laid-back attitude. It’s amusing I guess, see what you think *points out that one SL friend is already teasing me about it as I write this*


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