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I like to say that we all have a little noob inside us clawing to get out, well today my inner noob became my outer noob and thought it would be funny to steal what little dignity I have on any average day :p

First of all I was trying to turn off the name of my SL kitty which sleeps on my shoulder. Her name is very long and can be a nuisance, but it is (or was) nevertheless her name, so I wanted to keep it rather than change it. Which is code for it was too damn long to type out again. My kitty’s name can be hidden by typing the instruction “/9 name off” into open chat. Unfortunately it’s name can also be changed by typing “/9 name (followed by chosen name)”. So when I un-knowingly got the wrong command and typed “/9 name hide” to hide the name, I managed to replace the long perfectly spelt actual name with the word “hide”. And I now had a kitty on my shoulder called “hide”, making sure everyone knew I’d goofed it. I. Am. A. Noob.

Later during a photo shoot Rrish had given me a bunch of items to try out for the picture I was taking. I’d finished and was passing her back the items. Most of them were no copy so I had to approve each transfer to her of course because I was giving away the item itself. Unfortunately, I’m a noob. So when it came time to give her back the items that were copy I got confused about why I wasn’t getting the “are you sure you want to transfer this item” message and just kept giving the same items to her over and over thinking it was SL being laggy. I’d given her five copies of the exact same item before she pointed out what I was doing. By this point I had little or no non-noob dignity left.

I am grateful for one small mercy – I was doing a naked photo shoot and this time I actually remembered to put clothes on before logging out. Because, yes, I have logged into SL forgetting I logged off naked, and arrived at my home (the Crown and Pearl bar) completely starkers in front of a bunch of people before. Luckily I’m not so noobish that I can’t remember how to fly and was on those occasions quick enough to fly up and throw some clothes on.

I’ve tucked my little noob back away for now, but she’ll be out again soon in full force; naming kitties “hide” and spamming her friends with her usual passion ❤

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For the first 30 days that you are in SL, you are officially, a noob. You might be able to circumvent the title for some of the people some of the time, but dude there is no way you’re going to hit the cool of a non-noob in that first month. So say me and so it must be. Part of this 30 day categorization is because in SL you’re extremely unlikely to get a job in your first 30 days, plus for those first 30 days you qualify for the money-trees that keep people like tarou coming to Crown & Pearl every single day just to fleece us of our good will. Dude, at least say hello >.<

Ok, enough of that, this is about me. My first month of utter noobness. It happened so long ago that I figure it’s about time I record it lest the memory fade into pixelated-rose-tinted-glasses-category. I was thee utter noob. I mean it. I couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, if Orientation Island was a test, I failed it. I almost quit that first hour and one guy was my saviour. Crow Carter. He joined the same day as me and saved me from myself. We met at Orientation Island by pure chance. If I had not met him, if he had not liked me enough to bother with my idiocy, I would not be in SL today.

Him and I eventually settled into a routine of meeting up at sandboxes each day. I loved talking to him, he loved blowing stuff up. He also loved seeing me in fancy freebie dresses as I tried to blow stuff up. His aim was always better than mine and his abilities so impressive. I have never seen anyone learn SL stuff as fast as this guy, not only that but he also taught me everything I was willing to learn off him. I felt out of place though, I always felt like I was lagging behind him, holding him back, and I hate that feeling – people need to be free to be the best they can and I never want to be responsible for them not doing that. So we started to grow apart. I got frustrated. And one day, one fateful pixelated day, he took me on a special trip that would be the beginning of the end for the closeness him and I once had. We’re still close now, eternal friends but not like we used to be.

The day in question was the day he TPed me to a bar that our new friend we had met at the sandbox was hanging out. The friend was Dark, and the bar was 3 Lions. That first day scared the crap out of me. Suddenly at the click of a blue box I was surrounded by friendly people saying hello to me, some girl called Rrishanna Regina was particularly sweet and stuck in my mind. But I was overwhelmed. Crow telling me to turn on my music. Me asking how. Heaps of people trying to tell me how. People were dancing and talking and laughing and I had to get out of there! Sensory overload! Never again, too much, can’t go back, I was out of my depth. But they were so friendly, so welcoming, I felt wanted there. Within the next week I went back. And soon I became addicted and instead it was me trying to convince Crow to come join me at 3 Lions. Slowly Crow and my daily activities grow further apart. My noob days had come to an end. I became a 3 Lions regular.

And that, at least in part, is the story of my 30 days of noob. Now I find myself a manager of the bar that set up when 3 Lions died. That’s how far I came. Now it is me welcoming and helping the new people because it was done for me and I love seeing them as happy as it made me. Feeling wanted, feeling noticed, feeling part of a community. The community of Crown & Pearl, and the community of SL ❤

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