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If you’ve seen someone try to do sex pictures from Second Life, chances are what you’ve viewed is utter crap. Second Life is not well made for such pictures – body parts end up in the wrong place; when women’s legs are spread they get an odd dark long shadow along the inner thigh that makes them look like they’re about to split; overly long female thighs dominate the picture; skinny-as arses look ridiculous; pose balls get out of sync etc etc.  The list of problems is long. None of these things can’t be fixed in a combination of careful in-world set-up plus lengthy post-processing. However this brings us to the sorts of people who usually do these pictures: Men. Men who are often so clearly enamoured with the picture they are making that the genitals or breasts sit smack in the centre of the shot, and their excitement has got the better of them to the point that they couldn’t pause long-enough to smooth out the shadows and put bits in the right places. They gotta share it man, they gotta share it now!

I have some bloke on my Flickr contacts list who was doing shots like this over and over – almost every (and there were very many a day) picture he did was BREAST or VAJAYJAY smack there, with a tokenistic bit of (rather bad) post-processing for each one. He was passing himself off as an “SL Photographer”, little studio named at the corner of the shot, clearly charging people for these pictures. Each to their own, fine, whatever, but it was very clear that he wasn’t in Second Life for the charming banter and the international flare, he was there to get female avies to strip for him.

This theory of mine was proven when one-day most of his pictures stopped being Second Life and started being from Thrixxx.com. Previous to this I hadn’t heard of Thrixxx. Putting it simply, it’s sorta like Second Life in some ways, but made expressly for sexual imagery, and is often linked to paying sites. The women’s bodies in it are much better rendered, so pictures taken need less post-processing and have more realistic detail. So suddenly this guy’s shots improved, through not any improved skills of his own – which remains clear each time he lowers himself to take pictures of Second Life again.

Now I only did what little research I could into Thrixxx from a “clean” distance – I do not go to Second Life for that sort of thing, so I’m not going to click through any further than I have to or join anything connected to something like Thrixxx. But you know what occurred to me? I really wish more men who came to Second Life just and purely for the sexual animation, would bugger off to places like Thrixxx instead: Second Life is not well suited to that in my opinion and these people give it a bad name, and often ruin the experience for a large number of other people who take it for the richer experience it actually can so easily be.

Before I finish this post I’m going to have to protect myself from the angry beavers: I am not saying every picture I’ve ever seen of Second Life sex is crap, just the vast majority of them. Maybe this is your area of specialty and you want to defend it, but don’t try to tell me you don’t have to do some serious re-jigging and post-processing just to make the people involved look like people. Secondly, if you think the artist I’m attacking is you, it probably isn’t, stop being so paranoid. I have no doubt there is more than one guy who fits this description, and the example is illustrative, it’s not meant to be a personal attack per se. I haven’t included anything that should point too solidly to the individual, if you think it’s you and it is too obvious I’ll remove this blog post for ya. Though I stand by everything I’ve said all the same:

Second Life is not ideal for sexual imagery, and I really wish that people who went there only for that purpose would go somewhere else – especially since it’s clear that other places do exist solely for such things, and apparently do it so much better.

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I feel like I’ve been hitting  lot of peaks lately, and even though it can be a bit draining, now is not the time to slow down. Rather I want to build on the momentum.

The first task I’ve dedicated myself to is working on the next picture for the Gallery of Light. Bailey as always has come up with a good and challenging theme, and I’m looking forward to tackling it.

I’ve also committed myself to regularly helping out on a future SL-based magazine, and helping out with the pictures for an SL calendar. I don’t like giving out details of future ventures until they’re actually underway, so we’ll see what comes of those two tasks. I am very keen on both though so I’m hoping both hit the ground running soon.

As usual I also have my ear out for anyone wanting to pay me for pictures – nothing quite so wonderful as being paid to do something you love. The photography business has been quite lucrative for me lately so I’m enjoying not worrying about where the next linden is coming from.

And of course I will still be spending most of my in-world time at Crown & Pearl, managing it, as such. People sometimes wonder what management I do (since it’s mostly behind the scenes this doesn’t bother me), while other people think I should get paid for my work. Either way I’m just happy to be involved with the best bar in SL. I’d like to step up my involvement though especially over the holiday season.

Finally I intend to push some small skills I have, a lot further: In particular I enjoy making poses and can see a lot of ways that I could be improving the poses I do make. In time I intend to turn this into a more established line of business connected to my photography.

All up I’m going to be busy, and happy, and keep on pushing through to find those next peaks 🙂

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I don’t have a “male companion” in SL – a boyfriend, or partner, or sex buddy or whatever. And that’s not an invitation; I don’t want one. But it’s annoying to a high degree when I want to find out what a set of pose balls do, and in particular take a couple shot, and there’s no one to call on. I know what you’re going to say – ask a male friend or ask a female friend with a male alt. Neither solution really solves my problems.

The male friend solution is never easy. A fair few men take it the wrong way when you ask them to pose with you, they think it’s your shy way of saying “boy I sure would like to shag ya”. If you can find someone who won’t take it the wrong way, the next challenge is making sure they don’t have a partner who would take it the wrong way instead. If you’ve managed to overcome these two hurdles, there’s one left that far too many men fall into – the “he hasn’t spent anytime working on the appearance of his avatar” issue. That’s not a problem if I just want to randomly try pose balls for the hell of it, but if the pose ball is any good I want to take a picture of it and at that point he is (sorry) useless to me. I find it very frustrating that so few men seem to really put any effort into their SL appearance – come on boys, if you won’t do it for youself, at least do it for the girlies!

Which brings me to the problem with asking female friends to log out of SL and log their male avies in, or pull out a male they might have handy in their inventory. First off, most women don’t have male avatars or male alts anyway. Cause hello, who would choose to be a man..? If you can find a woman with a male avatar, the next issue is inevitable in my experience – they haven’t put the money or time into developing their male avie so it’s just as bad as the male friends example above who also haven’t bothered.

I used to have the perfect model for this situation. Not only did he have a nice male avie, he also had a nice female avie, and even better, was able to log them both in at the same time. This was perfection from my point of view – especially if I wanted to take pictures of rather naughty pose balls and didn’t feel like taking part – just get him and him to jump on for me! Unfortunately he got very busy with his various business projects taking off, and my photographic excursions (which he used to enjoy helping me out with) take up more time than he has spare.

So nights like tonight I wander from place to place and get inspiration hitting me with a mallet and me having to reluctantly shoo it away because there’s no one to help me out. Twice tonight I stared longingly at couple pose balls placed in perfect locations: I hopped on one then the other, feeling foolish and hoping no one would come by to see my lonely patheticness, as I tried to figure out what they look like in action; scanning my friends list and knowing already no one meets my criteria set out above – a good looking male avie who won’t take it the wrong way or have a girlfriend chasing me with a mallet bigger than the one inspiration was thunking me with. Both times I just ended up thinking the thoughts I’ve written down here, so I figured I’d just log out instead and come write them down.

If I can’t do my art, at least I can do my writing about why I can’t do it.

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