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Do you feel the compulsive need to write down everything you think – to Twitter or Plurk or blog every damn thought and action? I know a fair few people who seem to think they’ll stop existing if they don’t. Maybe the fact that this is my third blog post today is telling me something 😀 (but I think Twitter and Plurk are ridiculous so I’m not too far gone). If you do have that urge, perhaps you have hypergraphia. Or perhaps you just need more hobbies 🙂

Want to know just how bad it can get? Ever heard of Robert Shields who “left behind a diary of 37.5 million words chronicling every 5 minutes of his life from 1972 until a stroke disabled him in 1997″? You can read more about this extraordinary case here.

Just makes you think what more we could be doing and living, if we weren’t all so damn busy trying to write it down, huh.

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