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On February 8th, at 1pm SLT, Crown & Pearl is auctioning off “dates” to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. It will be a large event so we’ll shift down to the new club – C2P – at Angel Square for it. Make sure you’re a member of the Crown & Pearl group in-world to get all the updates and reminders, or you can just ask me for details and a reminder and I’ll help you out ^^

We had the same event last year and it was very successful, and a lot of fun. We had a huge turn out and I’m hoping this year will manage the same.

It’s quite simple really: People get bid on and all proceeds go to the charity, and what you get if you “win” the person is a “date”. The date doesn’t necessitate anything dodgy (well unless you both really want it to!). It’s just buying an hour with the person’s charming company, for the sake of a damn good charity.

If you’re interested in being auctioned off just IM Bailey Longcloth by Thursday. So far the people up to be “bought” includes: Prad Prathivi (I’ll give you a second to drool, let me know when you’re finished…), Bailey Longcloth (co-owner of Crown & Pearl, Angel Square, Gallery of Light – if it’s classy she owns it :p), Aribeth Coronet, Rrishanna Regina, Kimber Enoch, Kitty O’Toole, Mia Deluca, Meghan Dench, and myself (of course).

There are more people than that who have said yes, that’s just a taste of why you should come along or join in. And make sure you bring plenty of lindens – it’ll be a lot of fun and for a very worthy cause 🙂

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One of the pictures I'm planning to include in the gallery

One of the pictures I'm planning to include in the gallery

The event I have been working so hard towards, and taking so many pictures for, happens tomorrow – Saturday December 13th at 1pm SLT.

Twilight Gallery will be opening for the last time, with 6 new artists. And I get to be one of those lucky last 6 to have the honour to show their work here.

My work will be shown at the Raise Exhibit Hall, which spirals up 4 floors. The bottom floor has 8 pictures, the next 3 floors have space for 4 picture each, a total of 20. Some of the work I’ve put up is old classics, some is from the new set I’ve been working so frantically on these past 2 weeks. I’ve made somewhat of an effort to present the darker pieces at the bottom and the lighter “sun-reaching” ones on the top. I feel a sense of this progression as I climb the spiralling stairs and I hope you get a feel of it too 🙂

There will also be a special exhibition with work from all previous and current Twilight Artists, including a picture from me which has remained unpublished so far.

The night itself will have DJs and even a speech by Belmakor Pintens, see the full details here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/belmakorpintens/3101362227/

My previous SL art recognition includes winning 2 art contests, coming second in one, getting honorable mention in 2, being included in the artists at 2nd Magazine’s SL5B exhibit, and on-going contributing artist at Gallery of Light. Being invited to take part in Twilight Gallery is a huge highlight for me.

It would mean a lot to have my friends and admirers of my art along on the day, even if you can’t make it though please do pop along at some stage over the next couple of weeks to see the gallery and my work. I poured my heart, my time, and my sanity into this project, and it would be nice to have some people come along to see the outcome 🙂

I couldn’t end this post without the various thank yous to individuals who helped me reach this point: My ever-present models and friends, Bailey Longcloth, Bailey Dazy and Rrishanna Regina; the people who supported me through my self-doubt, including Clare Loring and Natalya Homewood; and the biggest thank you of all to Prad Prathivi. Prad gifted me the Flickr account I use to present my work, granted me access to his studio in my early days to refine my skills, gave me the pose ball script I use in almost every picture these days, and inspired me in the first place to start taking and presenting SL pictures; he is effectively my mentor. Thank you to everyone else too who put up with my slightly stressed out state over the past two weeks, I appreciate the support and understanding of you all.

See you Saturday 🙂

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Rrish and I (left) at a recent photo shoot of mine

Rrish and I (left) at a recent photo shoot of mine

A while back I did a post about Bailey Longcloth, after today I knew it was time to do one about Rrishy.

Today was a hard day, and I thought no one had the skills or will-power to pull me out of my funk. I thought I’d just have to ride it out for a few days. Until Rrish popped up on Skype. I have a different emotional reaction to each name that I see pop up on msn or Skype or SL – it often surprises me how I feel when their names appear; there’s a sort of “purity” to my reaction which tells me a lot. Every time Rrish’s name pops up in SL or Skype I have a sort of “yay!” reaction, which I think sums things up nicely.

Rrish has what I could only call a gift, a gift for understanding and responding to the needs of humanity. And most definitely a gift for understanding and responding to my needs. I said I didn’t want to talk about my present sadnesses, I just wanted to fade away for a bit. And she didn’t make me talk about them – rather she sympathised with and showed she understood my frame of mind by relating it to her own experiences. Then she made me laugh (which she always does). And shared some of the sadder parts of her life. And asked me if I wanted to come into SL to sit on a sled while she put up Christmas decorations at her home in world. Which I did want to do, and I did do.

Rrish is always happy to help me out with my pictures by modelling for me, and is always patient when she does so. She gives me clothes from her over-flowing wardrobe from the goodness of her heart. She gives so much and never asks for anything in return – which just makes me want to give her anything and everything I can.

It is rare to meet someone like her who has a firm set of morals, strong ideas of right and wrong, and yet doesn’t shove them down your throat. The vast number of people in this world struggle with figuring out their own beliefs, and end up applying them in a self-righteous, and often hypocritical, fashion. It frankly annoys me even more though when people refuse to take a personal stand on any issues and think everyone is never wrong or blameworthy. Rrish knows what she believes and stands by it, but never forgets about the human being doing the actions and making the mistakes. She has a sort of wisdom that makes her seem so much older than she is, she’s just my age! (Which is not old).

When she enters a room in SL you know you’re going to smile, and feel relaxed, and want to be a better person. She brings all that out in me each time I’m around her. Her presence in and of itself, is a constant gift.

So thank you Rrish. For being you. And may every blessing and lottery come your way and give you all you deserve.


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Making StarsAnyone who reads my blog or who is close to me knows I’ve been struggling these last few days – dealing with a few curve balls from family, friends and work. Well today I got to smile, and laugh, and dance, and I feel like sharing why.

First off I finally got traction with finding some help to cope with my child’s problems – I now have 3 appointments up-coming with 3 different organizations to get some help, and the first one is next Tuesday. Yay!!

Secondly I was feeling frustrated with my SL art lately, pushing myself harder and harder and still not being happy with the results. But today I got invited to show my work in one of the top SL Galleries! I said yes of course :D. As I get more details I will definitely be blogging about it 🙂

Thirdly, I logged into SL thinking I’d just do some photography jobs I need to get through, and ended up in a very odd situation on a Crown & Pearl couch. Prad wanted to freak out Bailey, and ended up freaking everyone out, it’s unfortunately one of those “you had to be there” things so I won’t go into detail (but this picture from my stream gives a taste http://www.flickr.com/photos/23347879@N07/3046957221/). The end point is I was laughing and for a while totally forgot about all my woes and just, um, “relaxed and enjoyed myself”.

Fourthly, Rrish turned up in SL again after a few days hiatus. Rrish has always had a calming and soothing influence on me. After all the madness died down we went to the beach and took the picture attached to this post. We spoke about my RL junk and I cried and I laughed and I felt much better ❤

I can’t not mention the other people as well who have given me their time and their love to help me get back on top of things – especially Kimber, Hell, Bailey, Clare and Stoo 🙂

I have a lot to deal with and get my head around but with friends like these, I might actually make it through ^^

As a friend just put it while I was typing this:  “you sound so happy today., I want to bottle it hehe”. Yeah, I am 🙂

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For the first 30 days that you are in SL, you are officially, a noob. You might be able to circumvent the title for some of the people some of the time, but dude there is no way you’re going to hit the cool of a non-noob in that first month. So say me and so it must be. Part of this 30 day categorization is because in SL you’re extremely unlikely to get a job in your first 30 days, plus for those first 30 days you qualify for the money-trees that keep people like tarou coming to Crown & Pearl every single day just to fleece us of our good will. Dude, at least say hello >.<

Ok, enough of that, this is about me. My first month of utter noobness. It happened so long ago that I figure it’s about time I record it lest the memory fade into pixelated-rose-tinted-glasses-category. I was thee utter noob. I mean it. I couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, if Orientation Island was a test, I failed it. I almost quit that first hour and one guy was my saviour. Crow Carter. He joined the same day as me and saved me from myself. We met at Orientation Island by pure chance. If I had not met him, if he had not liked me enough to bother with my idiocy, I would not be in SL today.

Him and I eventually settled into a routine of meeting up at sandboxes each day. I loved talking to him, he loved blowing stuff up. He also loved seeing me in fancy freebie dresses as I tried to blow stuff up. His aim was always better than mine and his abilities so impressive. I have never seen anyone learn SL stuff as fast as this guy, not only that but he also taught me everything I was willing to learn off him. I felt out of place though, I always felt like I was lagging behind him, holding him back, and I hate that feeling – people need to be free to be the best they can and I never want to be responsible for them not doing that. So we started to grow apart. I got frustrated. And one day, one fateful pixelated day, he took me on a special trip that would be the beginning of the end for the closeness him and I once had. We’re still close now, eternal friends but not like we used to be.

The day in question was the day he TPed me to a bar that our new friend we had met at the sandbox was hanging out. The friend was Dark, and the bar was 3 Lions. That first day scared the crap out of me. Suddenly at the click of a blue box I was surrounded by friendly people saying hello to me, some girl called Rrishanna Regina was particularly sweet and stuck in my mind. But I was overwhelmed. Crow telling me to turn on my music. Me asking how. Heaps of people trying to tell me how. People were dancing and talking and laughing and I had to get out of there! Sensory overload! Never again, too much, can’t go back, I was out of my depth. But they were so friendly, so welcoming, I felt wanted there. Within the next week I went back. And soon I became addicted and instead it was me trying to convince Crow to come join me at 3 Lions. Slowly Crow and my daily activities grow further apart. My noob days had come to an end. I became a 3 Lions regular.

And that, at least in part, is the story of my 30 days of noob. Now I find myself a manager of the bar that set up when 3 Lions died. That’s how far I came. Now it is me welcoming and helping the new people because it was done for me and I love seeing them as happy as it made me. Feeling wanted, feeling noticed, feeling part of a community. The community of Crown & Pearl, and the community of SL ❤

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I get down sometimes, hell we all do. Lately things have been a bit tough for various reasons and at times like these you always get reminded of who really cares about your well-being. SL is part of my support network, it helps me cope with RL and keep my spirits up when things get hard, in turn I do my utter best to keep other people’s spirits up and give them an ear and a huggle when they need me back. Well lately five SL people in particular have helped me stay on track, so I just want to take a brief moment while I have the chance, to thank them and let them know it’s appreciated, and how trully awesome they are.

Stoo, is a long-term friend who I speak to in msn rather than SL (though we met in and through SL). He’s always shown genuine concern for my wellbeing, always makes me laugh, even when I’m trying to be all grumpy and surly. He’s too intelligent for his own good, but often uses his insights and understanding to help me. We like Stoo.

Prad is Prad, adore the guy to bits. Somehow, despite an impossibly busy SL he manages to make time for his friends and I’m lucky enough to be counted within that group. I would not be the SL persona I am today without his encouragement and support – my art, my in-world jobs, and to some extent even this blog, are reflections of the awesome influence he’s had on my SL life. And SL always impacts RL mood, so in that way he’s made my RL better too.

Rrishanna, so sweet, so genuine, so trustworthy. Always with a kind word, a listening ear and an open mind. She has a calming influence on me that always surprises me, when things have gone to hell, her music and kind manner have a way of bringing things back into balance. She’s more to me than I think she knows.

Dell, only recently returned from the abyss. We have our ups and downs but at the end of the day he cares about me and me about him. He always means well and helps me try to work my way through my troubles. His public image and his IM image, like so many people in SL, is a different one. And I count myself lucky to be privy to the kind soul he has under all that offensive banter :p

And finally Hell, I’ve done my best to be there for him and in return he has always done the same. Funny, sweet, one of those people who don’t trully appreciate their own worth. I am honoured that he trusts me with as much of his life as he does, he deserves the best and in time he will receive it.

So that’s my self-indulgant post for the day, just taking the chance to say yay you guys rock, thank you so much for being you, and for helping me through the tough times that I’m still doing me best to get to the other side of.


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