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I don’t shop much in SL, for quite a few reasons. Some of the more essential reasons being that I don’t have a steady amount of money coming in and I get tired of waiting for everything to rez. Well today, today, I shopped, like I’ve never shopped before. And it felt good. No, not just good, addictive. Kid-in-a-candy-store addictive. What made today so special? Well for starters my connection was perfect, and my new computer can handle pretty much whatever I throw at it. This makes us very happy, yes it does. Makes us talk like Yoda it does, mmmm. (Blame that slip into geekdom on Johan, I refuse to take responsibility for it.)

But what about the money issue? Well a couple of days back some helpful wee chick called Ryker Beck was cleaning out her inventory of gift cards. No really. And admittedly I had to win most of what she gave me while playing trivia against Bailey, Prad and Rrish, but the ones I wanted the most were the ones she gave me before that even started. Dutch Touch. One of my all-time favourite SL stores. I’m sure as I go around spending the rest of the cards I will find more favourite stores, but before all others I had to go there first.

Now then, usual Landsend shopping mode is as follows: Walk into store, find outfit that appeals, keep walking until find a second outfit I like, choose which one I like best, stand there mumbling to myself for a bit, then buy one, try it on, be disappointed at what it really looks like, then leave. Thrilling? Hardly. See why I don’t do it much? Part of the reason it goes down like that is because I know if I keep looking I’ll just see more stuff I want and drive myself nuts with being unable to choose the one outfit I can afford.

Well today, armed with gift cards full to the brim, I just bought the outfit I wanted. That’s right, and then I bought another. Mhm. And then I bought some shorts, another outfit, and 2 bikinis. Around about now is when I go into mad scientist mode and chuckle with glee while rubbing my hands together. But that would be geeky, so I’ll stop that now.

It. Was. Heaven. I suddenly had lots of outfits and realised I could change clothes each day for the next little while and still look new, yeah, I know right, how awesome is that! And each new outfit I tried on after having bought (all of which immediately appeared in my inventory), was wow. Like, wow wow. With maybe an extra bit of wow on the side. And immediately I wanted to go tattoo shopping and shoe shopping and hair shopping to match my new clothes! And you know what? I think I will. That’s right, I’m going to give into the madness, the newness, and around about now, if you’ve never been in SL, you’ll think I’m nuts. Why am I so excited about pixels on a pixel-me? Hmm, good question, and one I’ve been working at answering blog post by blog post. But you know what really matters here, is that I was happy, no, am happy. For whatever nutsy reason, it made me happy and that’s fine by me.

Oh, and did I mention we love Ryker? Cause we do. She rocks.

P.S. We love Ryker

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Demos in SL

On a recent shopping spree (this was before Ryker’s trivia challenge which I’ll write about another time), I ended up spending a good many lindens on simply buying demos. Demos of hair and demos of boots specifically. They only cost $1L each, I’ve parted with $10L for demos before so I thought $1L was quite reasonable. But is it? Is paying for something to see if you want to pay for it or not, really sensible and “fair”?

Now having never run a store I’m just speaking from consumer logic here, plus a bit of trying to figure out the seller’s motives, so anyone who owns a store and makes people pay for demos is welcome to correct me and explain the reasoning I may have missed.

First off, not every store even provides demos, so I am grateful for those who at least provide the option. But it strikes me as excessively cheeky to charge for the privilege, especially when the demo itself is made in such a way that you can’t even get a good idea of what the main product will look like from it, which I’ll get to in a second.

The point of a demo is to decide if you want to part with money for the item. So off the bat, parting with money for the demo is odd. When you go to a RL clothes store do you pay to try dresses on? Only place I know that does that is some wedding dress shops, and in RL that practice in itself is seen as dodgy and viewed as down right cheeky and un-necessary. I understand their reasoning for it, but I still think it’s cheeky. Demos in SL don’t even have their reasoning though of potentially damaged dresses and excessive numbers of twittering girls taking up staff time.

If the concern is to dissuade people from copying the item by making them pay $1L, then it’s a silly plan, $1L is not going to stand between a copier and the desired item. If the concern is that people will wear the demo for free then that also appears to be flawed reasoning – all demos I’ve encountered have some whopping “I AM A DEMO” thing going on that makes them ugly to use for pretty much any imaginable purpose. The demo in fact is meant to be a painless way for someone to try out your goods, by making them pay you are actually defeating the purpose of appealing to people who don’t want to part with money until they know it’s worthwhile – it’s very likely you are in fact losing sales because people who can’t be bothered with paying for demos may have otherwise bought the item if they could have tried it for free.

So why do it? It looks like simple extra profit, and fine, whatever, make money however you want to. But really this strikes me as a very counter-intuitive and contradictory way to go about it. It also potentially creates ill-will in regards to the shop in question.

One extra point I want to make before I wrap up is how utterly it annoyed me recently when I paid for a demo and the item I tried on had a huge white demo band through the front of the hair, ruining the image as a whole so I couldn’t get a feel for how the actual hair would look. A thick white line across the face in the middle of two hair strands totally distorts the image and left me so annoyed at having paid for the useless demo that I was tempted to grumble aloud.

All in all, I can only think I’m missing some vital piece of reasoning here. Why do I have to pay for demos considering the function of demos? If you’re confident in your work and you are willing to let me try it out first so I will pay you for the usable item, why make me pay for the trial..? I’m clearly missing something here…

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