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One of my favourite types of pictures to work on in SL are profile pictures. In one image you get to attempt to sum up a person – in the background, pose, their clothes, hair, even the font for the name. And once you’ve done one that the person likes, it ends up being displayed on their profile of course, which is a buzz.

Profile pictures also need constant updating – as graphics improve, personalities change, and in-world focuses shift in their life. I change mine almost fortnightly. But not because I change who I am that often, rather because I am yet to compose a profile picture that I actually like for myself. I see it as the eternal challenge. I study people’s profile pictures and the image of the person it creates in my mind, in the endless process of trying to improve my art and the impact it has on it’s viewers.

The picture I’ve attached to this post is a recent picture I did for Simmi, I’m yet to hear back if she likes it or not, and if she doesn’t like it (or the other one I did), I’ll just do another, and another, until I produce something she’d be proud to put in her profile.

When I posted my latest pictures of Simmi I got an in-world message from an SL artist I respect muchly, who gave me some tips to help me along plus a lot of praise for my work so far and my potential. She was worried I’d be offended but rather I was flattered that she looked at my pictures, saw merit and took the time out to help me in my search for perfection. (And that she did it in IM rather than on the picture itself, an issue which I’ve spoken about earlier in my blog.)

So tonight as I go to bed I am in my happy place. I had a great day taking pictures, that other people have also enjoyed, and after the latest tip I am one step closer to that elusive profile picture that I can proudly display on my own profile 🙂

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SL Models

As an SL Photographer I’ve worked with a wide range of people, and in my time I’ve come to appreciate the skills of a good SL model. Which sounds silly, right? Like come on, they’re just standing there, in a skin that isn’t their own in any sense that we’d admire and appreciate in RL (no gym time or throwing-up went into their body shape), so what am I on about..?

A good SL model, in my humble opinion and experience, has 2 main areas they need to perfect: One, they need to have the proper personal traits – punctuality to shoots, patience (which is a biggie), ability to communicate clearly and understand directions, and a pleasant enough personality that you don’t overly mind being stuck with a camera on them for what can be a long time. Both the photographer and the model need to be relaxed, professional and open-minded at a shoot for it to work well. The second area is the look of course, which is not as simple as you think it might be – “buy an expensive skin and shape, finito”. Yes, skin, to a large degree, can be perfect off the shelf, but every shape I’ve ever seen or tried from a store requires modification before I’d consider it photogenic. And I’m not just talking personal aesthetics here, I mean proportions, angles, and especially every detail of the face. Now you can dismiss that aspect if you like – as my personal foibles. But then there’s the model’s range of personal hair, clothes, shoes etc, and their ability to find what’s required in their inventory at short notice! A tidy (or well known) inventory is a must!! Now again, this aspect holds less weight if the model is being required merely to wear what they are given at the time. Though in my experience and understanding, the chances that they will not have to access their inventory for anything at all beyond what is given them, is pretty low.

Today, I was taking nude shots of one of my most special SL friends – Simmi Althouse *commences drooling*. She’s an absolute sweetheart, and it was very generous of her to let me take the pictures. I love taking nude shots more than any other kind of shot but many people associate so extremely closely with their avatar that getting them to strip is like, well, like hard dude. Why do I like nudes? Cause I love skin tone, lighting on skin, and body curves, and I love trying to hit that realism level. Now Simmi, I strongly suspect, does associate with her avatar much the same as the rest of us do (I’ll write on that “association” topic at some point in this blog), but she doesn’t have hang-ups about nudity, she’s comfortable with herself (and so she should be, she’s geogeous in both worlds). Which all up, brings me to this mighty conclusion:

Simmi is the perfect SL model (in the actuality sense, not the “she’s a paid model on someone’s books” sense). Patient, beautiful, fully loaded inventory, and did I mention patient..? She’s kindly agreed to let me use her as a model whenever I like, so expect many more shots of her to appear on my Flickr. The shot I’ve attached to this article is just a sliver of one of the 4 pictures I did today, please do link through and have a proper look at this beautiful creature ❤

[Note – you will not be able to see the nude pictures I do of Simmi or anyone else unless you are a member of Flickr, since they are rated as “moderate” by me]

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