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PonderingAs we slip away from Christmas and towards New Years, it’s the right time to gather my thoughts about how 2008 went in Second Life for me: The new friendships, the lost friendships, the change in my SL personality, and the events that stood out above all others.

New Friendships. I could never do an exhaustive list of the new people I became friends with this year, but two in particular stand out:

DavidThomas Scorbal, is one of the names on my friends list that wasn’t there at the start of the year, but will hopefully be there forever more. For quite a while he was the one guy I fully trusted in SL. He always had an ear for me, was always happy to see me, and is one of the rare true gentleman I’ve come across in that world. He effected my SL and inspired a fair few of my pictures. He got too busy, I got too busy, we somewhat drifted apart, but he still means a lot to me. A lot of the changes I went through in SL this year, are because of him. I don’t think he realises that, people so often don’t know the impact they have on you until you tell them huh.

Kimber Enoch, such a sweet soul, so much fire but so much fragility too. I’ve shared so very much of my true self with her, and she has still loved and cherished all that I am. She would never hurt me, which is something I can say about so very few people. I wish I could protect her from the world’s demons yet I know she has the strength to survive whatever it throws at her. She is someone, like Dave, who I hope will be on my friend’s list forever more.

Lost Friendships: I wish no one fell in this category, and it hurts to remember the loss of them. But it would be dishonest to not mention them, because their absence has also effected the sum of my 2008.

Clarissa Dassin. She won’t like that I mention her name, because she’s always been a very private person, so I guess I have to start by apologizing for that. Losing her was losing my best friend in SL. We were so close, she was the first person I wanted to tell anything that happened to me. I loved talking to her at great length every single day. She was my first dedicated SL model, and one of the first people who said to me that they thought my SL art had potential. I couldn’t possibly summarise what it’s like to have her gone from my SL life now, it’s left a hole that I’ve tried very hard to fill, but the loss still taints my SL.

Jonny Fraisse. Another friend who has drifted away, and who once played such a huge part of my daily SL. We used to make a hilarious team – Jonny, Clarissa, Forever and me. Our humour would bounce off each other and feed on itself. I guess it was all too good to last, I saw the fractures in our group early on but thought we could all ride them out and hang in there. But one piece falls away and people expect you to choose where your loyalties lie. Ah well, fondly remembered nonetheless Jonny ❤

Change in my SL personality: I got professional. I became an SL Mentor, I started making money in SL from my pictures, started a blog, and I took on a proper position within Crown & Pearl. How can things like that not change you? I was never, still am not, a paying member of SL so I hadn’t taken the idea of in-world professionalism seriously. Now it is the base of who I am in-world. I try to stay calm and watchful at all times, ever conscious of how I am perceived. In some ways I miss the free-ness of 2007, but no way would I give up everything I have achieved in SL in 2008 to go back to that.

The events. Crowning event without hesitation was my showing at Twilight Gallery. It was like a public and loud announcement that I was a proper SL Artist. My friends turned up to support and congratulate me, and as I’ve said in a previous post – it was my best day in SL ever.

My RL birthday in SL was a very special day for me too. My friends (particularly Jonny) had gone out of their way to decorate the Crown & Pearl for me. I felt so special and appreciated that day. I felt loved and wanted, what more could a girl ever want for her birthday?

So there you have it, 2008 summed up in a few carefully selected paragraphs. Of course it doesn’t cover it all, if I was going to be properly thorough I’d be mentioning people like Prad Prathivi, Bailey Longcloth, Bailey Dazy, Natalya Homewood, Stoo Loon, Clare Loring etc. Nevertheless this post is a good summary of the year for me, and one I will read again at the end of 2009 to see how much I and the people filling my second life, have changed.

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Standing with a few friends at the top of Raise Hall, in front of my favourite piece

Standing with a few friends at the top of Raise Hall, in front of my favourite piece

Today embodied everything that makes my SL great. There were so many good things I barely know where to start. Let’s start with the event itself, that’s the easy way to do this.

Today my works, displayed in Raise Hall at Twilight Gallery, were opened for public viewing (see my earlier post if you want more details about the event itself). From the moment it opened the sim started filling up, and in no time is was so full that I had a waiting list of freinds who wanted to come in and couldn’t. I was lucky that some of my closest friends did manage to make it in before that happened. I checked out the other artists too but spent most of my time at my own exhibition hall receiving compliments about my art, both in IM and open chat. I added a fair number of people to my friends list today, including fellow Flickr artists I’d never met in world before today. I felt really loved and appreciated today 🙂

Some of my favourite moments:

Showing Phineas around my pictures, explaining the inspiration, location and meaning behind them, growing a small interested crowd of people as we went along. I ended up in quite a few lengthy and interesting conversations there, both about my art and other related topics. There is nothing quite so uplifting and reassuring as hearing people say “wow” as they walk up to your pieces of art. I loved the time I spent in my exhibit hall – with strangers, old friends, and new friends.

Getting a rare hug from Praddles on the stairs at my exhibit. What an amazing feeling to have my closest SL friend, and mentor, tell me they were proud of me and give me a hug in the building that represented my achievements. Sometimes you really feel hugs and this one I felt. Despite having a splitting headache he turned up and said lovely things to me and shared the occassion with me. He’s there for me, even when it physically hurts to be so!

Jennaa, a client of mine, was one of the people I wanted to come along, and she wanted to be there just as much. The sim limit of 60 meant she couldn’t get in but she did get the chance to tell me some good news: The pictures I did for her a while back were good enough to help her into the next stage of a modelling contest. When my art can help people in tangible ways like that it means so much.

Bel’s speech about the gallery and the meaning of “artist”. What a speech. It was uplifting and beautiful and well thought out, and delivered with clear heart-felt emotion. I was expecting some lengthy thank you list, and there were thank yous, but it was more about a parting message to all the artists he’d encountered and the dream he has fulfilled through Twilight Gallery. And what an amazing place it honestly truly is, please go see it before it’s gone forever.

Then to top it all off afterwards – after the hanging at my hall and checking out everyone else’s art and the speech – I got to go to Crown and dance and hang-out where I feel most at home. These last few days setting up my work at Twilight has made it feel like a second home, it was like walking inside my head for me there. But Crown is my true home in all relevant senses – it’s where I log in, where I build, where I play. For all the joy of standing surrounded by my art in Raise hall, the day would not have been complete if I hadn’t ended it at Crown.

I had to log out of SL earlier than I really wanted to – RL has a way of making that happen. But it meant I left on a  high note – everything had been perfect, I’d made new friends, had new experiences, and loved it all. Thank you to everyone who shared my perfect day with me and helped me reach this point. Anytime you want to go see the gallery with me over the next couple of weeks – let me show you around, or just want the LM so you can have a private nosey at all the work there – just ask and it’s done 🙂

Yay for SL!! ❤

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One of the pictures I'm planning to include in the gallery

One of the pictures I'm planning to include in the gallery

The event I have been working so hard towards, and taking so many pictures for, happens tomorrow – Saturday December 13th at 1pm SLT.

Twilight Gallery will be opening for the last time, with 6 new artists. And I get to be one of those lucky last 6 to have the honour to show their work here.

My work will be shown at the Raise Exhibit Hall, which spirals up 4 floors. The bottom floor has 8 pictures, the next 3 floors have space for 4 picture each, a total of 20. Some of the work I’ve put up is old classics, some is from the new set I’ve been working so frantically on these past 2 weeks. I’ve made somewhat of an effort to present the darker pieces at the bottom and the lighter “sun-reaching” ones on the top. I feel a sense of this progression as I climb the spiralling stairs and I hope you get a feel of it too 🙂

There will also be a special exhibition with work from all previous and current Twilight Artists, including a picture from me which has remained unpublished so far.

The night itself will have DJs and even a speech by Belmakor Pintens, see the full details here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/belmakorpintens/3101362227/

My previous SL art recognition includes winning 2 art contests, coming second in one, getting honorable mention in 2, being included in the artists at 2nd Magazine’s SL5B exhibit, and on-going contributing artist at Gallery of Light. Being invited to take part in Twilight Gallery is a huge highlight for me.

It would mean a lot to have my friends and admirers of my art along on the day, even if you can’t make it though please do pop along at some stage over the next couple of weeks to see the gallery and my work. I poured my heart, my time, and my sanity into this project, and it would be nice to have some people come along to see the outcome 🙂

I couldn’t end this post without the various thank yous to individuals who helped me reach this point: My ever-present models and friends, Bailey Longcloth, Bailey Dazy and Rrishanna Regina; the people who supported me through my self-doubt, including Clare Loring and Natalya Homewood; and the biggest thank you of all to Prad Prathivi. Prad gifted me the Flickr account I use to present my work, granted me access to his studio in my early days to refine my skills, gave me the pose ball script I use in almost every picture these days, and inspired me in the first place to start taking and presenting SL pictures; he is effectively my mentor. Thank you to everyone else too who put up with my slightly stressed out state over the past two weeks, I appreciate the support and understanding of you all.

See you Saturday 🙂

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