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Today a good friend of mine, HellSpawneD, helped me set up voice with my new head-set, in SL. It took a while trouble-shooting. The key trouble that needed shooting was I had the mute button on the head-set turned on. Yes. The mute button. But we got there and it was worth it.

The night went from a small group of us to a gradual increase in numbers over the next couple of hours, almost every new person who came in joining in on voice. It was lovely to hear all the laughs in particular, was well worth while and I totally want to do it again, often. Was definitely my best and most favourite voice experience yet 😀

Mostly cause of the penguin porn.

Yeah, penguin porn.

There were a bunch of penguins in the bar from earlier, not doing anything in particular, then they started kinda climbing onto Dell at one stage – in his lap, massaging his head, and breeding. The troup of penguins moved their way around the room, and there were many pictures taken and much in the way of loud and often laughter. Was all up, a lovely evening (or day really, I just left the scene and it’s 4:20pm here).

What started out as a crap day in RL turned into a very funny and enjoyable one in SL. For a while, I just got to forget everything else and lose myself in the madness. Losing myself in it is so much easier when I don’t have to type, aided by the surround sound of the giggles and the immediacy of people’s reactions, all was highly neat.

So that’s a big thumbs up for voice ^^

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Voice in SL

I haven’t used voice much in SL, not because I don’t like it but because my technology at this end tends to let me down. Today I bought a new head-set though. It cost twice as much as my old crappy one which had horrible feedback and noise, so it’s got to be twice as good, right..? Maybe, I’m yet to find-out. But if it is crap it will be going back to the store I got it from.

I love the idea of voice in SL – the accents, the ease and speed of communication, the intonation and whispers (and purrs) that you can’t get through the keyboard. There are certain things that typing is better for so best of both worlds – hook up on voice but keep the keyboard handy, why not! Right? Well, maybe not…

In SL people are forced to read what you say – there’s no such thing as talking over someone because it’s still there even if they type their sentence at the same time as you do. It’s a kind of forced politeness that you don’t appreciate until you try voice and realise certain people will talk non-stop without pausing for input, and other people who aren’t trying to be rude will talk over what you say as well.

There’s also the issue of accents. I love a variety of accents, but to be honest with you, I really don’t like most accents at all. What I mean is, I like that there is variety, it gives novelty value and adds colour, but as far as personal preferences go my ears are very picky about what they want to listen to. It’s like liking that there are lots of diffrent genres of music but only liking rock, or whatever. The most troubling accents of course are the ones so thick you haven’t got the foggiest what they said, even when it’s in your own language.

I guess the more I use voice, the more I will see that is both good and bad about it. I’m a one on one girl in RL – I prefer to do my job one on one and to talk to people that way too, but I can do the group scene with ease as required. So I suspect the main use I will have for voice will be those private chats. I intend to experiment anyway and find out, and as always observe and share my observations here. That is, if this head-set is worth the money I paid for it. Will let you know 🙂

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