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Remember a while back in my blog when I politely told you to vote for Mr Prad Prathivi as the hottest male avie in SL..? ( https://landsendkorobase.wordpress.com/2008/10/03/sick-of-voting-yet/ ) Well he made it to the top 10! So you now have a chance to vote within that top 10 for who should win. And guess who I’m going to advise you to vote for… :p

It’s worth popping over to check out the list – there are some lovely avies on display: http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2008/12/whos-second-lif.html#more

Why bother voting for Prad..? Well you can read for yourself if you like, there are links there to information about the various “contestants”. But for me this is a no brainer. If you’re ever met or heard of Prad you understand why this guy deserves to win. And like last time I’m going to refer you to his blog – to really understand the guy and his worth, his blog is the place to start http://www.pradprathivi.com/

Now go vote :p

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Tomorrow I get to vote in my own country’s general elections. No one else in the rest of the SL world much seems to care so prrrffftttt, I’m gonna blog on it anyway *snuggles comfortably into her cosy corner of the world*

I’m going to vote, oh yes I am. And I am not going to vote for either of the two main Parties, cause hello, boring much. Well, besides it being boring, neither of them even come close to representing my personal views on either social or economic freedom. Rather, I’m going to vote for a Party that actually thinks freedom is kinda cool. Yay them. Cause you know, freedom is kinda cool *hugs freedom*

Incidentally – and it actually is incidental – my husband is on the Party list of the party group getting my vote. Yep, if they actually won enough seats he’d be in parliament. Neat aye. I was on the list myself a couple of elections back, cause I rock. I’d totally vote for myself, wouldn’t you..? The point of this extra diatribe is that one of the founding reasons me and my man got married is because our beliefs – about religion, politics, economics – mesh in a lovely coherency that most couples could only dream of. Everyday I get to have meaningful philosophical discussions with him if I want to (and I often want to), and we make sense to each other and we nod lots and all is happiness and sunshine. Well, not all, but close enough.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, voting. Gonna do it, gonna love it, and gonna walk out of that community hall voting booth knowing I voted with honesty and integrity, for freedom for all! YAY! And then I’ll go home and watch election coverage for a chunk of the night and will cross my fingers that the government changes (cause our current one is unapologetically socialist). And if it does change, even though it won’t be my Party leading the country, I’ll be happy anyway. And then the next day I’ll read in the newspaper the statistics for how my own Party did, and they’ll be low but it’ll make me happy I was one of the few rational people who voted :p

And then I’ll realise I spent the whole day fluffing around with election crap and will realise I have a deadline for marking a bunch of exams and will panic a little and get on with it again. Incidentally (word of the day that one), all this exam marking and voting stuff will mean I’m not in SL nearly as much as I usually am, for the next few days. But I’ll be back (said in an Arnie voice cause he’s cool and I like to think I’m cool too. Don’t look at me like that. I am cool. I… oh I give up, leave me alone). Will miss seeing ya all, missed it today, but it won’t be long until I’m back standing on your heads, hiding in your wings, and riding rockets by your sides ❤


Nifty quote time!:

[0:32]  Landsend Korobase: there’s an election here tomorrow :p
[0:32]  SL Friend: anything important?
[0:33]  Landsend Korobase: haha, yeah. For who runs the country for the next 3 years o.O
[0:33]  SL Friend: oh you mean that’s not the Queen? 😛
[0:33]  Landsend Korobase: psh
[0:34]  Landsend Korobase: and yeah :/
[0:34]  Landsend Korobase: we are still under the queen o.O
[0:34]  SL Friend: in some weird way
[0:34]  Landsend Korobase: yep, but not the sexy way, cause ew

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Are you sick of voting yet, tired of hearing about why to vote, how to vote and who to vote for..? Me neither!! Now believe me, I’ve got it worse than you, cause my country is in a general election right now for the parliament to run us for the next 3 years, plus I’m constantly bombarded with USA election material. And yet I still can’t get enough; sucker for punishment. But, even if, unlike me you are sick of it, let me give you something worth voting for and caring about, one more election, but one that is actually a bit fun and pleasently aesthetic:


That’s right, I just sent you to vote on the top ten hot men of SL. But it gets worse, I’m going to break every rule and tell ya who to vote for: I encourage you, without threat of force, or promise of tax relief, to vote for a Mister Prad Prathivi. Not just cause he’s cute and talented and a wee bit clever, oh and funny, but also cause he writes neat blog stuff, check it out at http://www.pradprathivi.com/

If you’re not convinced that this guy is one of the most worthy candidates after reading his blog, then you are beyond help :p

That is all.

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